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What does refinancing mean and why it should make you smile

By David Bay

It happens right? The car breaks down, your glasses break and the fridge dies. So, it goes on the credit card. And then another life event comes along. Just great!  So the card is maxxed out, and then hey look,…

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Renovate or Build – 5 Tips To Help You Decide

By John Bron

Everyone wants to make their house feel like a home. This often means that there is work to be done first. Deciding whether to renovate or rebuild you house can cause a real headache. There are several factors that should…

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Dual Occupancy

By John Bron

Generate a second income or make room for family with a Dual Occupancy Home Now is the perfect time to build a dual occupancy property with IQ Homes. Created home design styles to enable you to easily separate the two…

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What is a Pole Home?

By John Bron

While most people are comfortably familiar with the conventional Australian style of home based on a concrete slab and load-bearing walls, this is isn’t the only way to build a house. In fact, there are many advantages to be gained…

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Why we LOVE Vinegar & Bi-Carb!

By Karina Wright

Living a healthy lifestyle includes living in a clean environment. Unfortunately, many of the commonly used commercial cleaning products that are available are made of chemicals that can negatively impact the environment. Here’s a helpful list of ways to clean…

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Latest Noticeboard posts

IC Project Management

By Ian White

Excited to share this sunken fire pit we have nearly completed in the Perth hills (just a few little finishing touches to go!) This doubles as a great entertaining space in the summer with a pole installed to put the…

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Pilates starts on Monday 15th June – Join us!

By Jodie Tapper

Vital Wellness Pilates is proud to provide the Harrisdale community with high-quality group class programs, workshops and community events. Our programs are set dates, run in consecutive weeks and coincide inline with the school terms. This month, we will be…

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Assistance with JobKeeper

By MK Nirwan

The JobKeeper Payment scheme is a temporary subsidy for businesses significantly affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible employers, sole traders and other entities can apply to receive $1,500 per eligible employee per fortnight. JobKeeper is paid to employers. The ATO does…

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IQ Construction & Covid-19

By John Bron

It’s still business as usual here at IQ Headquarters. That business just gets done a little differently. Rest assured, we’re keeping on top of all information and directives being given to us by the government. With the current restrictions easing,…

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Professional services

TEN/3/21 - Armadale City Centre Investment Framework and Project Plan

The City of Armadale (Principal) requires a suitably qualified consultant to assist the City in

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Local Government

TEN/7/21 - Fire Mitigation Services

The City of Armadale (Principal) requires suitably qualified and resourced Contractor with a minimum of

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Local Government

TEN/19/21 - Private Swimming Pool Inspection Services

The City of Armadale (Principal) requires a suitably experience Contractor to provide efficient and compliant

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