Who prepares you for this?

As a business owner, you pay:

• An accountant to prepare your tax bill
• A lawyer to prepare your contracts
• And a window cleaner to provide a clear view out of your office windows

But who are you paying to prepare your business for fighting off cyberattacks?

If you have IT support, how proactive are they in protecting your network and squashing threats?

Are they actually any good?

Do they go out of their way to support you? Or do you feel like they operate more as a call center helpdesk?

A well-maintained IT system will block attackers before they worm their way into your

And if the attackers do get in, you need to make sure you’ve got the right experts on your side to limit the damage and fix things, quickly.

Quality IT advice is an investment worth making. Especially in today’s world.

Hit this email it@jorgensen.online or give me a call on 0458756806 to discuss how we can keep your
business safe.

Kristopher Jorgensen

IT Consultant - Jorgensen IT Services

Hey there!

I'm Kris, father of two brilliant kids and mediocre husband to a very understanding wife.

I've been in the industry since 2007 but I've always had an affinity for the technological, ever since getting hand-me-down old computers as a kid and learning how to break (and the fix them). I was mentioned in my Year 7 graduation as likely to be "the next Bill Gates", so take that as you will.

Jorgensen IT Services

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