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As we get tantalisingly close to coming out the other side of CV-19 we’re expecting ongoing changes to consumer behaviors. While the impact of these changes is yet to be seen, it’s good to know there is one constant. Yep, you guessed it; we can always rely on the importance of TV to Australians.

In the past two months, television has solidified its role as a source of connection during isolation providing information, comfort and togetherness. In short, Australians have never needed TV more. Here’s three reasons why:

1. TV is the channel consumers trust for credible news & information 

From the get-go, Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer told us national media channels such as TV were the most trusted information source during the pandemic, outranking government agencies and doctors. Australians turned in, in record numbers, and will continue to do so because they know we’re not out of the woods yet. The increase in news viewership in recent weeks bears this out: up 32% for the 6pm news hour, up 29% for the 5pm news slot and morning news is up 9% since pre-lockdown (source 1). Find out more in this week’s TV and BVOD tracker

2. TV is the home of light relief for COVID-weary audiences 

While trusted information has never been more important, many Australians are now experiencing COVID-fatigue. TV isn’t just a place for credible news and information, it’s also a go-to to escape from the new normal many Australians are living. Light entertainment viewing is up 21%, lifestyle and infotainment shows are up 26% and comedy viewing has increased 15% (source 2) as audiences discover – and sometimes rediscover – programs from the huge breadth and depth of content across linear TV and Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD).

3. Nothing beats TV to increase that all important Share of Voice  

With so many Australians tuning into TV, there are real opportunities for brands to benefit from significant audience growth. After all, TV viewers are also your brand’s customers. Analysis of marketing spend during challenging economic times shows brands that continue to advertise come out faster and stronger than competitors who reduce or remove advertising. That’s because share of voice equates to share of market. So instead of going dark, it might be the time for your brands to shine.



The latest instalment of the ThinkTV and Sky News series, Business Drivers, looks at how marketers are approaching marketing during CV-19 and beyond.

Optus CMO Mel Hopkins discusses how the brand has responded to CV-19, working through the most unusual time in her marketing career and why TV has been an incredibly important channel to the business during this time.

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