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58% Television – 31% YouTube – Facebook 4%

Worldwide TV Still Dominates Consumers’ Video Views

Globally, TV remains dominant in consumers’ video viewing time, and among younger millennial TV consumers.

TV pulls in 90% of the average viewer’s video time and 73% of millennial viewers, according to the Global TV Group, which includes the U.S. Video Advertising Bureau.

The group, which has information on 19 countries, also says TV reaches on average 70% of a country’s population each day, 90% in a week and nearly everyone in a month.

When it comes to advertising among particular countries, the average TV campaign in Australia gets a return on media investment amounting to $1.70 for every $1 invested. In Belgium, TV generates almost three times the brand recall of YouTube: 42% versus 15%.

When it comes to trust and advertising, 36% of adults in Canada named TV the most trustworthy advertising medium, versus 10% for internet advertising.

In the U.K., 58% say television is “where they are most likely to find advertising that makes them feel emotional.” This compares to 9% for social media and 6% for newspapers.

The survey says in the U.S.; 13 brands saw an immediate significant lift in website visits once their first TV campaign launched — ranging from 11% to 1,075%.

Global TV Group is an informal grouping of broadcasters and trade associations in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Latin America.