Staging your home for ZERO dollars! 12 Practical tips.

Here’s some realistic tips on how to stage your home during your Home Open.

– Clean your home, including the windows. This is an obvious one. A professional clean really does add thousands of dollars to your selling price. Cleaning walls is much cheaper than re-painting them!

– Make sure the gardens look fantastic. Borrow an edger and square off those pathways. Sweep the front entrance, and remove cobwebs. Even if your lawn isn’t the greenest, giving it a good tidy will make the world of difference to first impressions.

– Think thin! Thin out your personal items. We know you spent $240.00 on your Chanel No 5, and it certainly does smell incredible, but to your buyer it might remind them of an ex-girlfriend, or worse, their mother-in-law! This might seem extreme, but if you want the punters to imagine themselves living in [your] home, remove your personal items as much as you can. (Personal items is very different to personality. A little personality in your home goes a long way).

– Use those pillows! If there was ever a time when you actually used all of those gorgeous pillows you HAD to have, carpe diem! There is nothing better than seeing a beautifully made bed with lots of comfy cushions. While you’re at it, make sure your doona is clean, and if you have time, give it an iron (iron it while it’s on the bed. This is a staging trick from way back). If you don’t have a nice doona, pop a nice sheet over your old doona, but make sure you iron it and tuck in the sides nice and tight. Hello luxury hotel room!

– Remove kids/babies toys. I know, I know, who invited the Grinch, but not everyone thinks kids are cute. 😉 If you want to appeal to the masses, removing the kids clutter is a great start. Pop it all away in a toy box and place a plant on top. Voila! DINKS (double income no kids) – welcome to your new home!

– Remove all personal photos. These are something else your punters will have to look past to imagine themselves living there.

– Remove all items off the fridge (and then give it a good polish). This includes all magnets.

– Get your best towels out! Remove your old towels and use those guest towels that always get forgotten about. Get out the Sheridan’s or your best Country Road’s and hang them proudly. Make sure the bottom of the towels are level too (OCD is real)!

– Box up your Lotions and Potions… again, personal stuff. So.much.personal.stuff. Now might even be a good time to just ditch it all. Go into your new home without the baggage.

– Remove your Rubbish. It’s amazing how many people forget this. If you can hide your bin somewhere, do it!

– Take away all of your cars when you have the open. People want to see your empty garage without your beautifully restored 1963 Corvette Sting Ray distracting Hubby (or Wifey) from viewing the house!

– Take Fido and Fluffy out for the day. Of course EVERYONE loves pets (pets, very different from kids), but some people are afraid of them *gasp*, and you could be halving your audience by having a barking mutt at the door not letting anyone view the pool area. Having so many people through the home also causes undue stress on the family pets. Woof woof.

Good luck with selling your home! The current climate is really heating up, so you’ve chosen a great time to sell. Remember, you have a 70% chance of selling in the first week, so make sure it counts. And whatever you do, DO NOT shove all your gear in one of the cupboards. Box it up and take it off site, or store it neatly in the garage if you must. Serious buyers will open your cupboards and you don’t want them getting concussion from your old lamp! Investing in a small storage unit is always a great option. For about $20.00 a week you can keep all of your personal items safe and out of sight. Have fun!