What does refinancing mean and why it should make you smile

Liberty Adviser - Liberty Advisor

It happens right? The car breaks down, your glasses break and the fridge dies. So, it goes on the credit card. And then another life event comes along. Just great!  So the card is maxxed out, and then hey look, lets get another one. And maybe another.

You are coping but there is nothing less and becuase you are payign inerest at a very high rate, you can’t seem to get ahead.

Sound familiar?

Refinancing with the right product can change that. You consoidate the debts and have one loan to repay. And you cut up the credit cards.

If done the right way you can reduce your minimum payments, or even choose to pay more without penalty.

The usual terms and conditions apply including eligibilty requirements. Approved applicants only but it costs nothign to ask and it could just be what you need?



Liberty Adviser - Liberty Advisor