The one thing you never want to fail

On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that every single piece of your business’s data is backed up, verified and secure?

If your answer is less than 10 or “actually I don’t know”, you’re asking for trouble.

Losing some data is a pain.

Losing ALL your data is a complete nightmare.

Unfortunately, it’s a realistic scenario if your IT team hasn’t made sure that the right backup
processes are in place.

Even if you do have a backup process in place, how much of your data is actually being backed
up? And how often is it being verified?

Your IT support team should be able to answer those questions straight away.

When you check with them, it’s also worth asking about how backups happen, how regularly
they check the data, and exactly where your data is stored.

I’d also want to know about the backup failure scenarios they’ve planned for. And the steps
they’ve taken to mitigate the risk of things going wrong.

You’re playing a risky game by relying on Kyle’s laptop holding strong against, let’s say, a leaky
water bottle in his backpack.

Make sure your data is securely backed up.

As the local experts at keeping data safe, we’re meticulous in our approach.

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