One click. And it’ll cost you a fortune.

How many links do you click every day?

It’s a difficult one to count. If you’re anything like me, it’s hundreds and hundreds.

Cybercriminals know this. And they’re getting smarter in the ways they try to tempt people to
click on bad links.

Most of the links we click are harmless. But the damage bad links cause can be huge.

Let me put it this way…

Just one person clicking one malicious link once, can compromise your whole IT system.

It can secretly download malware that will let cybercriminals spy on your business through something called keylogging. This will expose credit card information, passwords, banking details, and anything else that’s typed on a keyboard.

But the real weapon of choice for cybercriminals is ransomware. This will block you out of your IT system and they’ll try to force you to pay them to get back in.

This can be very disruptive and completely derail your business.

And all this can come from a split-second error of judgment. Clicking one bad link.

Better to be prepared. By proactively keeping you safe, outsourcing your IT support to a company that truly understands data security will keep your business in good shape.

We can’t promise nobody in your business will ever click a bad link, even if they’ve had awareness training. But there are several very clever ways to monitor the security of your network and set up everything to minimize any potential damage.

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