Impactful First Impressions: How to Improve Your Landing Page

As a business owner in today’s digitally competitive landscape, you’re most likely familiar with the fact that first impressions, among other things, last longer than they used to.

Compared to the olden days where people had the time to make decisions and weigh out their options long past the first impression, the same initial impact now bears a significant effect. Unfortunately, the advent of consumer convenience means that businesses have a razor-thin margin of error to the point where failing to make the right initial impression will bury your chances of conversion.

Where do first impressions happen?

Generally, first impressions for any online business will always refer to the first page that an audience sees once they enter a website. Regardless if a viewer saw your page from a search result ad, random mention, or social media post, their first impression of your business will always be based on what they first see once they hop onto your website. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved with a simple landing page design because part of giving an impactful first impression involves tackling various details along the way.

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