Digital Marketing 101: An Overview on Using Google Ads PPC

Google does more than just provide online users with answers to search queries; They also service brands of all shapes and sizes through their Google Ads PPC platform. It’s an excellent way for small business owners to reach an online audience through target ads.

Back in 2018, Google Adwords rebranded into Google Ads as the premier paid advertising platform following the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This allows advertisers to have a go-to place for sharing desktop and mobile ads to target their market. Besides being a notable presence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), Google Ads also appear on YouTube, Blogger, and Google’s Display Network, allowing businesses to reach a wide market.

Utilizing Google’s PPC Model

Similar to Search Engine Optimization, the PPC marketing model utilises strategic keywords relevant to your target audience’s search queries. It uses a clock or per impression (CPM) payment model, allowing advertisers to only pay for bids with only as many clicks as they can afford. While it seems like a direct marketing channel that leads to your site, you can follow best practices to make your ads more effective.

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