COVID-19 Update

A slight update on COVID-19 (as if we’re not all sick of hearing about it):

1. I’m currently treating onsite support as mission critical only. All other support will be handled remotely until this all blows over. Other arrangements can be made, however please understand we must all be flexible for the safety of our community.

2: If you’re looking to remote work and your setup is suitable, Microsoft is offering their Teams software for free, and you can take advantage of Screenconnect for 3 free seats for remote access into your office or other place of work. I strongly encourage everyone who can work from home to do so.

3: If you require hardware, please be aware that stocks are limited and likely will be for some time. Understandably, prices are likely to reflect demand. However, if you are quarantined, we can drop ship hardware to you and get you set up remotely so you can keep working if required.

Please all, stay informed and stay safe. We’re here if you need us.