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Private Consultant - Local Government Specialist - The Home Workshop

Due to the challenges we are all facing brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, joining Business Armadale Chamber of Commerce may seem irrelevant in the current circumstances.We have cancelled or postponed all our networking events for the foreseeable future and it would appear that the value of membership has diminished significantly. We all have to acknowledge the current situation is difficult, however who else has your back?

We are working with the City of Armadale to do what we can to support businesses operating within our City. We will also be working with agencies like the Small Business Development Commission, Development WA and Local Governments to give you better value for money. You will see from our Newsletter that we are launching, in collaboration with the City of Armadale, a new marketing program designed especially for small businesses. Don’t receive our Newsletter, send a request to

For subscribers to our Newsletter you will also notice improved content and frequency to keep you better informed, especially at the local level. Becoming a member of Business Armadale is not just about what we can do for you, but together what we can do for each other.

To further assist our business community, the Board has decided to reduce our Basic member fee to $150.00 inc GST.

Private Consultant - Local Government Specialist - The Home Workshop