4 Smart Tips for Boosting Your Webpage Conversion Rates

When it comes to measuring the success of your website or your landing pages, there is one key metric that you must always pay attention to: your conversion rate. It gives a quite straightforward evaluation of your pages. If you are seeing a low conversion rate, it’s not working the way it should.

You must work on conversion rate optimisation or CRO if you have been seeing a drop in your figures. This is a crucial step in keeping your business profitable and ensuring your company’s long-term revenue growth.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start, don’t fret! Here are some smart tips you can follow to help you review and revive your conversion rate optimisation and boost your profits.

1. Make Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Obvious

The market is packed full of goods and services. All of these offerings are competing against you and against each other to draw the attention of prospects.

To stand out from the crowd, you need a product or service that is special. However, it does not stop there. You need to make sure that your UVP or unique selling point is obvious and easy-to-understand in your pages. Visitors must be able to understand what you are offering and how it can benefit them by simply looking at your landing page.

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Lee Rekman

Director - Lethal Digital

Lee is a designer at heart and someone who lives and breathes digital content.

With a strong user interface design focus, including mobile-optimised designs, Lee focuses on solving problems and delivering engaging interactive experiences while building meaningful connections.

Lee has an obsession with taking an idea from inception to a perfectly executed end result.

Working closely with his team of programmers and digital strategists, Lee likes to focus on both the art and the science that take place in the background to achieve the desired end result.

Starting from the basic sketch of the overall framework and flowchart, right through to the intricate details of design, Lee is always hands on and involved in every aspect of the development process.

In addition to his digital skill-set, Lee specialises in;

✔ Branding
✔ Graphic Design
✔ Email Marketing
✔ Lead Nurturing
✔ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
✔ Website retargeting
✔ Website Development
✔ Social Media Marketing
✔ Google AdWords

His logo designs have achieved world wide recognition with numerous examples being featured in the prestigious Logo Lounges ‘Master Series’ books.

Lee is also a part-time musician and clothing designer, which has kept him at the forefront of today’s youth culture. Lee was also amongst the top 5 designers across Australia and New Zealand for his t-shirt design for model Kate Moss. Rimmel London has now produced Lee’s design on mass and to this day distributes his work globally.

Lethal Digital

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